Product Introduction MAXPRO

, 13. February 2019

The new product line Cabero MAX PRO offers users significant advantages over traditional evaporative cooling towers, setting new standards in terms of operating costs, water consumption and reliability, longevity and efficiency.

The VARIO ON DEMAND, developed by Cabero for this product line, also allows the user to change the design and functionality of the system based on a unique modular design principle.

All desired function levels can be plugged into each other segments without having to perform a subsequent complex sealing against escaping cooling water. This also enables efficient, simplified and cost-effective installation (not commissioning) without specialist knowledge.

Therefore, an exchange is also subsequently simplified to conventional systems.

In its complete configuration, MAXPro consists of eight function levels that can be combined with each other. Each function level again has different versions.

These standardized variations are selected according to customer specifications (VARIO ON DEMAND) and allow to meet almost any requirement.

The functional levels are (from top to bottom):

  • Fan unit with EC or AC fan
  • Desuperheater (air-cooled heat exchanger - in contact with cooling water with special treatment)
  • Irrigation - and packing unit
  • suction
  • Sliding unit
  • Cabero booster / flooded heat exchanger block
  • Control technology and pump station
  • Walk-in stage

The materials used are of high quality and all wetted components are made of stainless steel.

The choice of materials was deliberately chosen in order to meet the quality of the waste water and the discharge permits of increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations in the future.

The use of stainless steel completely avoids zinc or lead entry into cooling water compared to hot-dip galvanized versions. Cost-intensive passivation treatments and possible leakages caused by white rust were excluded and the required quality standards for the cooling water (fresh water) noticeably eased, so that the costs for water treatment could be drastically reduced.

Normally mineral deposits (scale formation) get created due to especially in the case of heat exchanger unit’s humidification in the air stream (regardless of the choice of material - this is also the case with stainless steel pipes). This is not the case with MaxPro systems.

Due to the flooded (completely under water) heat exchanger, the so-called scale formation (depending on the temperatures in the refrigeration cycle) can be completely prevented.

The increase in efficiency is not only based on the fact that a heat transfer resistance (scale or other mineral deposits) can be avoided, but that the heat exchanger tubes - in contrast to sprinkled and in the air flow heat exchangers - have 100% contact with the cooling water in the MaxPro system.

The flooded heat exchanger unit in the MAXPRO is operated (patented) in the pure cross-counterflow principle and the tube is designed so that sediment deposits can be efficiently cleaned.

With the MAX PRO and the innovations used in this product line, Cabero has succeeded, in addition to the long service life, resistance and thus operational reliability, to drastically reduce operating costs and to focus on the unique ecological and economical food print.

Due to the "adiabatic" airflow upstream desuperheater, the efficiency rate can be significantly increased again, the water consumption can be reduced even more and, in addition, swath formation can be avoided in most cases.

The desuperheater (air-cooled heat exchanger), with its built-in tilt at air speeds above 2.8 m / s, serves as a kind of drop separator in most cases.

Although systems made of stainless steel are more expensive to buy than galvanized systems, they are considerably superior to conventional evaporative coolers due to the dramatic increase in efficiency of MAX PRO systems, especially in terms of operating costs and longevity.

Another advantage is that the user can be sure that MAX PRO SYSTEM will continue to meet stringent environmental protection requirements in the future.

The product line is completed by the specially developed MaxPro Controller unit, which in addition to the speed control for EC and AC motors, the component control such as pump, valves, level control etc .. In particular a variety of new economic and innovative control characteristics demonstrates the operating conditions and can pass to the building management system via defined interfaces or displays them on the controller display.

This control system minimizes the requirements for water treatment and enables safe operation even with higher concentration cycles of the cooling water.

The control of the conductivity of the cooling water allows less sludge and consequently less need for refill water (fresh water). This paired with the currently most efficient heat exchanger Cabero Turbo leads to significant cooling water savings.

For documentation and monitoring of compliant operation and to comply with legal requirements, we recommend our new Legio Protect controller as an important conceptual component in your control and monitoring technology.

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