CABERO at China Refrigeration 2015

Grafrath, 12. October 2017

Next to ISH in Frankfurt and Climate World in Moscow, the third in the trio of major trade fairs is Refrigeration in Shanghai at the start of the year, at which CABERO was also represented with a light, airy island stand almost 100 sq. m in size. For three days, from the 08 -10.04.2015, Shanghai stood as the most important industrial city in China dedicated to refrigeration, ventilation and heating technology as well as the processing and storage of deep-frozen goods.

Old tradition — new technology

The event already has its own traditions; the beginnings of the trade fair's story stretch back to 1987. And thus it demands the participation of CABERO, a company that has enjoyed international standing for several decades as a leading provider of air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, and has a special connection to the area thanks to its production site in Yantai, China.

Technical development particularly benefits from international relations, as do customers and operators in turn. The various markets, needs and standards always provide new approaches for optimisation and a basis for exchange.

What was on offer...
The spacious booth that was open on all sides was the pivotal point and hub of the exhibition hall. Amid the stand's modern, bright, large-scale design, the latest technology innovations were presented along with the time-tested classics: evaporators and air coolers, insulated coolers, condensers and heat exchangers, and particularly efficient hybrid and adiabatic systems.

Thus a great atmosphere, technical know-how and catering ensured a basis for technical discussions and many new opportunities for profitable cooperation.

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